Gestational Diabetes is usually caused during pregnancy with the high blood sugar levels during pregnancy and continue after it. The fetus and the mother are both affect by this type

1)      Sugar and artificial sweeteners, including honey. The only allowed sweetener is stevia. (sugar is a problem as it is addictive. It is suggested that you cut down gradually until

Neuropathic Disorders which are caused by diabetes complications are called Diabetic Neuropathy. Diabetic  microvascular injury which involves blood vessels that supply nerves are thought to be ...

Often it is said that its too difficult for a diabetic to lose weight. Diabetes patients can not go for crash diets or heavy exercises options, as both these options

Most of us feel stressed about being a diabetic. Very often we even find ourselves very frustrated and depressed, as we have to avoid our much liked food we used

A diabetic diet is the first step, you, as a diabetes patient can take. Diets for diabetes are very important in controlling your diabetes in the right manner.The basic idea

Diabetes is  a commonly known disease and with passage of time its becoming more and more common amongst people. One will not be surprised to hear that a 28 year

Diabetes is a disease which needs prolonged medication & proper routine. It is diagnosed not because of excessive sugar intake but once diagnosed sugar is strictly prohibited. The person ...

The diabetic diet plan allows the diabetic to eat almost all kinds of foods that he likes with some minor exceptions. Usually, when a person is diagnosed with diabetes, one

It is difficult to pinpoint and say what exactly causes diabetes, but the different ways by which one can get diabetes are as follows. There are two types of diabetics