When your body becomes overweight it becomes resistant to insulin and when you lose your body weight, your body again becomes sensitive to insulin.It is now thought that there is a hormone in the fat called resistin that causes insulin resistance.So hormone Resistin is now the link between obesity and diabetes type 2.Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic disease that can lead to the complications of heart disease, kidney failure, nerve damage, stroke and even blindness.

So to reverse all the above mentioned adverse health conditions.Weight loss or losing fat from the body is the only method.Here are some tips to control diabetes.

  • Monitor your blood glucose level often and always try to keep within normal
  • Follow a diabetic diet and the weight will fall off and the blood sugar will return to normal.
  • Exercise regularly-walking is one of the best option.
  • Eye Care – Take care of your eyes by visiting an ophthalmologist or optometrist every year.
  • Stop Smoking and Excessive Use of Alcohol – both of these will make your condition worse

Follow these steps, so that you can prevent or reverse diabetes

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