The traditional system of medicine popularly known as Ayurveda has been using Neem Tree as a rich source of medicines to cure Diabetes with many other diseases. Neem tree is found in countries like India & Burma. Today the Neem has got due recognition as safest medicine, thanks to all the researchers involved at international level.

Each & every part of Neem tree is used as medicine It is the most safe herb as it is without any side effects.  Neem leaf extract as well seed are very effective in diabetes control. Neem extracts help to reduce the blood glucose level. It also improves the blood circulation in the body. It is proved that neem is without any side effect, but neem administration should be done in consultation with a physician only. Daily intake of neem substance improves the immunity of body. Neem is termed as anti inflammatory, anti septic, anti bacterial & anti viral by the researchers.

Today neem has been used on a commercial basis to provide complete health care. Neem has curative powers. Neem can help cure diabetes in a safe manner as it cures the disease & has no side effect. Neem extract has been used to make tablets to ease the oral intake of neem. Daily administration of neem helps a lot to diabetic Now even a diabetic can have a better fight with the disease, thanks to Neem.

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