A low carb diet aims at controlling the blood sugar and also keeps the weight in check. Carbohydrates increase the level of blood sugar thereby adversely affecting diabetics. It will also control the production of insulin (fat building hormone) which will stabilize the blood sugar. With less insulin levels whatever amount of fat consumed will be metabolized and not stored in the body. The level of blood sugar in the body is inversely proportionate to the insulin levels. As blood sugar decreases, efficiency of insulin increases, and that will decrease the insulin levels in the body.

High levels of insulin can lead to increased blood pressure. This can result in heart attack or a stroke. A low carb diet provides just the right amount of carbs needed by the body as a high carb diet will increase the fats and insulin leading to a host of other diseases. However a low carb diet needs to be maintained as once there is a good amount of weight loss; people tend to go back to regular eating habits which may not be entirely healthy. It is important to also pay attention to the other nutrient intake in the diet and not concentrate only on a low carb diet. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

admin on March 23rd 2011 in General