Diabetes is  a commonly known disease and with passage of time its becoming more and more common amongst people. One will not be surprised to hear that a 28 year boy or a girl is suffering from diabetes. And once a person is diagnosed with diabetes everyone including him panics about the diet to follow and the food intake to adhere to.

As a result many diabetics are misguided and they end up following a diet which is not healthy for them. Below mentioned is a diet plan to shred some weights off from your body specially customized for diabetic patient. However, it is advisable that before starting a diet one should consult his/ her doctor.

A diabetic should avoid fried and high calorie food. A diabetes patient can eat normal food but must avoid food with sugar and starch. It is suggested that diabetics should eat after every 2-3 hours in moderate quantities. They must not over eat and must have control over their taste buds to ignore the cravings for sweets.

Walking for almost 45 minutes everyday is very healthy for diabetes patients.

admin on March 15th 2011 in General