Most of us feel stressed about being a diabetic. Very often we even find ourselves very frustrated and depressed, as we have to avoid our much liked food we used to binge on. We are also worried about the protein and other nutrient intake because lot of food is restricted to us. But, with the availability of food replacement shakes, it is quite easy to fulfill the daily nutrition and vitamin requirement.

Some of these shakes are specifically meant for diabetics and these provide all the nutrients, protein and vitamins required for a healthy diet. These shakes are in different flavors and one can customize the taste of the shake according to his taste buds.
As these shakes are designed for losing weight, it is very helpful for either type of diabetic: diabetes 1 or diabetes 2. These shakes fills your stomach and you do not usually have a craving for munching some food. After having a shake, a person feels content about the food and this leads to the weight loss in the person with proper vitamins, nutrients and protein levels.

admin on February 20th 2011 in General