Gestational Diabetes is usually caused during pregnancy with the high blood sugar levels during pregnancy and continue after it. The fetus and the mother are both affect by this type of diabetes and it is important to have a proper gestational diabetes diet plan for the proper management of this diabetes type to have a healthy life as it is seen in case studies that the mother can develop type 2 diabetes later in life.

Frequent checkups are recommended to the mother in the end of the pregnancy cycle to aid the complications that gestational diabetes can have on the mother and the child. If not properly diagonized and treated, gestational diabetes can cause hypertension, large fetus, premature birth, birth complications and later in life can cause obesity and diabetes in the offspring of the mother infected with gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes diet plan is achieved with the dietary modifications and lifestyle changes and nutriton consumption.

Carbohydrate counting, exchange lists and other methods of diabetes diet plan are being implemented by dieticians across the world to help control gestational diabetes. Overall, an ideal gestational diabetes diet plan helps pregnant women in controling her diabetes diet through support and positive reinforcements and help in her better healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

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