A diabetic patient should follow a special and controlled diet so that the glucose level in the body does not increase. It will also help in keeping the persons weight in check as most people suffering from type II diabetes are overweight. Diabetics should take special care in monitoring the carbohydrate intake as these are easily transformed into blood sugar. However completely stopping carb intake will have an adverse effect, such as sever hunger cravings, on the body and hence this needs to be controlled gradually. Foods that are made of refined sugar and white flour should be strictly avoided. It is best to take professional advice on a healthy and balanced diet as all nutrients play an important factor in the smooth functioning of the body.

Vegetables and fruits are a must in daily diet. Fish, which is a good source of protein can be consumed 2-3 times a week. Non-fat dairy products like skimmed milk, curds should be included. Water is a good source to remove toxins from the body. Replace aerated drinks with water. Junk food like chips, pizza, cakes, cookies, pastries etc should be avoided completely. Daily dose of physical exercise can also control weight. Walking, climbing stairs etc are a good way for weight control.

admin on March 27th 2011 in General