Diabetes is a situation where in human body is not able to convert Insulin, a hormone that converts salt, sugar & starches into energy. Diabetes is very common dieses in US. Many people are dying due to this disease as either they are not aware about the disease or there is no one to guide them for the cure of the disease.
More than medicines care & precautions play a vital role in cure of diabetes. A diabetic needs to have small six meals a day. The timing needs to be such that there is no break longer than 3 hours between 2 meals. Person suffering must avoid fasting for longer time as this can aggravate the problem .Diabetic needs to avoid food full of oil, ghee & most important sweet A sugar intake is like poison to the disease. Person suffering must develop the habit of walking at least one hour a day. Morning. Evening walk gives a great relief to the body.

People with excess weight, family history of diabetes & stressful life are more prone to it. Routine exercise also helps in avoiding the problem of diabetes. Person suffering must stand up for itself & take active initiative in eradicating the problem on time before it gets too late. Diabetes is a disease which kills the person silently if not treated on time.

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