A diabetic diet is the first step, you, as a diabetes patient can take. Diets for diabetes are very important in controlling your diabetes in the right manner.The basic idea of having a diabetic diet plan is to get yourself in the right Body Mass Index (BMI).

A diabetic diet plan is different from person to person and is based on the age, sex, usual physical activity in a day and the type of diabetes that person has. While planning a diabetic diet, it is also important to consider other complications that may  arise due to high blood pressure cholestrol levels and other levels in the body.

Taking all these factors into consideration, a dietician will be able to assess the ammount of calories you need a day, how much you have to burn and how to loose weight if any. This will take care of the ammount of fat, protiens and carbhohydrates you need on a daily basis in your diet plan.

Exchange meal plan, is a type of diabetic diet plan where you control your daily intake of carbhohydrates. This will help you either take up a counting carbhohdrate diet plan or a constant carbhohydrate diet plan.

These are types of foods a diabetic should avoid, but there is no fixed diet plan common for all diabetes patients. Some tips which are common in all diet plans are are follows

  • Drink loads of water
  • Instead of consuming 3 meals a day, increase the number of times and reduce the amount in each meal.
  • Junk foods and quick foods are a no-no, try wholesome cereals
  • Reduce the intake of glucose, carbhohydrates and other diabetics causing foods just before bedtime.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are a essential ingredient in your diabetic diet plan.

As we mentioned in the beginning, a good diabetes diet plan can help you control your blood sugar levels and hence prevent complications to your health. Also, a good diet plan is good for your diabetes, but it does not have to be boring! Hope this helps your quires about diabetes diet plans.

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