Often it is seen that many websites give a blanket diet plan for all kinds of diabetes viz, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes and Gestational diabetes. However, it is inappropriate for all kinds of diabetics to follow the same diet. The diabetes meal plan should be different for different types of diabetes.

The type 1 diabetes needs treatment of insulin. Therefore the focus of its diet plan is to find a healthy balance between the body insulin and food intake.

The type 2 diabetes is related to controlling the overweight and helping the body to use insulin. This kind of diabetes can generally be cured by proper exercise, healthy food and losing weight.

Gestational diabetes is related to diabetes among pregnant women. Under this diabetes, the concern is to maintain the health of mother and her baby while also maintaining the sugar levels in blood. Special care and precaution should be taken for gestational diabetes, as any side effect of the diet plan may hamper the growth of the baby.

As these are different kinds of diabetes, therefore, the diet plan for each category of diabetics should also be different. Any plan that is common for all three types of diabetes should be undertaken only after a proper discussion with the doctor. And any significant change or unusual symptom is observed, then the diet should be stopped immediately and the diabetic should meet the doctor on an urgent basis.

admin on March 10th 2011 in General