Unlike many articles, this article mentions about the non vegetarian food that a diabetic can eat and still remain healthy.

1)     All meat – lamb, beef, pork, bacon, etc

2)     Include the organ meats: liver, kidneys, heart, as these contain the widest range of the vitamins and minerals your body needs (liver has 4 times as much Vitamin C as apples and pears, for example)

3)     All poultry: chicken (with the skin on), goose, duck, turkey, etc. But be aware that turkey is very low in fat, so fat needs to be added.

4)     Continental sausage (beware of British sausage which usually has a high cereal content)

5)     All animal and meat fats – without restriction – never cut the fat off meat.

6)     Fish and seafood of all types

Eggs (no limit, but avoid “omega-3 eggs” as these have been artificially fed which upsets the natural fatty acid profile)

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