The traditional system of medicine popularly known as Ayurveda has been using Neem Tree as a rich source of medicines to cure Diabetes with many other diseases. Neem tree is found in countries like India & Burma. Today the Neem has got due recognition as safest medicine, thanks to all the researchers involved at international level.

Each & every part of Neem tree is used as medicine It is the most safe herb as it is without any side effects.  Neem leaf extract as well seed are very effective in diabetes control. Neem extracts help to reduce the blood glucose level. It also improves the blood circulation in the body. It is proved that neem is without any side effect, but neem administration should be done in consultation with a physician only. Daily intake of neem substance improves the immunity of body. Neem is termed as anti inflammatory, anti septic, anti bacterial & anti viral by the researchers.

Today neem has been used on a commercial basis to provide complete health care. Neem has curative powers. Neem can help cure diabetes in a safe manner as it cures the disease & has no side effect. Neem extract has been used to make tablets to ease the oral intake of neem. Daily administration of neem helps a lot to diabetic Now even a diabetic can have a better fight with the disease, thanks to Neem.

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Diabetes is a disease which needs prolonged medication & proper routine. It is diagnosed not because of excessive sugar intake but once diagnosed sugar is strictly prohibited. The person suffering needs to plan its schedule to ensure a healthy & preventive routine. This disease demand a strict schedule of what to eat, how much to eat & when to eat. Regular walks are must for a diabetic, so the day should start with at least one hour of walk. Walking should comprise at least 30 minutes of brisk walking. Stress yoga must be avoided by diabetic. Breakfast must be taken on time as fasting is injurious to the diabetic. After the dinner there is a huge gap till breakfast. Breakfast needs to be rich in fiber & low calorie. Meal intake can be six in a day but quantity needs to be watched carefully. Small frequent meals are most preferred meal for a diabetic. Food intake needs to be rich in protein & low in carbohydrate. The day must progress with healthy & timely food to keep the energy level intact in body.

Diabetic needs to have regular follow up with doctor.  Eyes & kidney needs an extra attention, so a semiannual check up or as prescribed by the doctor, regular check up   is recommended. Heart check up is also must as diabetes frequently has associated heart problems. A diabetic needs to get the check up done regularly for the prevention of any further complications.

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Diabetes is a situation where in human body is not able to convert Insulin, a hormone that converts salt, sugar & starches into energy. Diabetes is very common dieses in US. Many people are dying due to this disease as either they are not aware about the disease or there is no one to guide them for the cure of the disease.
More than medicines care & precautions play a vital role in cure of diabetes. A diabetic needs to have small six meals a day. The timing needs to be such that there is no break longer than 3 hours between 2 meals. Person suffering must avoid fasting for longer time as this can aggravate the problem .Diabetic needs to avoid food full of oil, ghee & most important sweet A sugar intake is like poison to the disease. Person suffering must develop the habit of walking at least one hour a day. Morning. Evening walk gives a great relief to the body.

People with excess weight, family history of diabetes & stressful life are more prone to it. Routine exercise also helps in avoiding the problem of diabetes. Person suffering must stand up for itself & take active initiative in eradicating the problem on time before it gets too late. Diabetes is a disease which kills the person silently if not treated on time.

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